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What We Do

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Navigating Talent

Captains Club offers a range of Service Tiers designed to meet your company’s unique executive search needs. From guiding your in-house recruitment team with strategic insights to providing a comprehensive, turnkey solution for your executive search, our offerings are tailored to set your business on a course for unparalleled leadership success.

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Navigate Your Own Talent Search with Expert Guidance
Best for:
  • Companies with an in-house recruitment team but in need of an expert strategy to guide their executive search
What You Get:
  • Navigate Your Own Talent Search with Expert Guidance
  • Job Scorecard creation + search strategy
  • Ideal Candidate Profile leveraging Navigating Talent Framework
  • Behavioral and Culture Assessment Examples and Best Practices
  • Four 45-min. syncs (if needed) to ensure 100% satisfaction
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Scope + Scout + Select

Full-Service, Retained Executive Search
Best for:
  • Businesses in need of a turnkey solution for their executive search, from strategy to onboarding.
What You Get:
  • All Features from Scope + Scout
  • Comprehensive Candidate Vetting using Navigating Talent Framework
  • Final Candidate Assessments and Reports
  • Interview Coordination and Debriefing
  • Offer Negotiation Support
  • Onboarding Strategy and 90-day Integration Plan
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Scope + Scout

A Tailored Route to Your Next Executive Hire
Best for:
  • Businesses that want a hands-on approach but with the heavy lifting of sourcing and initial screening outsourced.
What You Get:
  • All Features from Scope Strategy Compass
  • Candidate Sourcing using Navigating Talent Criteria
  • Initial Candidate Screening & Shortlisting
  • Scheduling of 5 Interviews with Compelling Talent
  • Interview Preparation Materials for Your Team

Steer Your Business To Success

Rely on Captains Club to align the Head, Heart, Helm, and Horizon of your next leadership hire.

Hands down, working with Daniel was the very best search experience I’ve ever had, and I’m very much looking forward to partnering with Daniel to create our next big talent win!"