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About Us

A man in a suit standing on a balcony.

Our Core Values...

Know Your Ship

We know the ins and outs of our clients and candidates, diligently and tactfully seeking clarity to navigate with confidence.

Fly the Flag

We proudly champion Captains Club and the brands we represent, embodying their values while upholding our own.

All Aboard!

The only acceptable outcome is a win³ - A win for our client, a win for the candidate, and a win for our company.

Sail into the Wind

Tack and Jibe! When faced with headwinds, we communicate courageously, explore options, and persevere with optimism

Shipshape Standard

Our work and words are timely, effective, and efficient, reflecting our commitment to excellence in all that we do.

Daniel with his family
Our Founder

Daniel Cheetham

Born in Texas, and raised in Seattle, Daniel Cheetham embarked on a scholarly journey at Arizona State University. There, he earned an undergraduate degree in Design Management and a Master of Science in Design/Design Thinking, equipping him with a unique foundation of qualitative research and an analytical framework for recruiting.

In a career spanning over 14 years, Daniel has consistently demonstrated an uncanny ability to augment company trajectories through strategic talent placements. His modus operandi is simple yet profound: a deep, methodical understanding of a client's leadership requirements and a laser-focused approach to sourcing the right talent. This methodology has rendered transformative results, whether in the context of Fortune 500 conglomerates, agile VC-backed startups, or the demanding realm of Professional Services.

Daniel's most prominent role as the Head of the Executive Search for a top-tier retained search firm exemplified his commitment to excellence. In this capacity, he redefined the paradigms of executive recruitment, emphasizing a synergy between aspirational goals and tangible results. Beyond his achievements in the professional sphere, Daniel is anchored by a solid familial foundation. He shares his life with his wife, Lauren, their son, August (b. 5/23), and their loyal German Shepherd-Husky mix, Layla.